Unique UPC/EAN/GTIN Product Barcode Numbers


Your chance to own your own barcode numbers at an affordable price.



Authorized UPC/EAN barcodes approved for physical and digital products. Add a barcode number to each of your products’ packaging and remain ahead of the competition. Reseller of approved and verified bar codes – once you receive barcode numbers from me they’re yours to keep… forever!

Each barcode will work worldwide, and you will have full international ownership.

Ideal for:

  • Online/eCommerce sellers
  • eBay sellers
  • iTunes/Pandora artists
  • Private label product manufacturers/retailers/wholesalers
  • Magento/WooCommerce/BigCommerce/Shopify sellers
  • Most other online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms
  • And many more

The barcode numbers will be yours forever, to do with them whatever you want. You will receive a series of numbers only, does not include printed labels or graphic work. Don’t get ripped off buying barcodes, there are no ongoing fees or memberships to renew – you will have full ownership of the numbers. They are not recycled or reused barcode numbers, and are 100% genuine.

Includes: List of numbers, certificate of ownership (upon request at time of purchase). Does not include GS1 registration, graphics, etc. Please check the requirements of your barcode numbers prior to purchase. Limited lifetime guarantee.